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Yogurt Creamery

Yogurt_CreameryA Yogurt Creamery is a Building in FarmVille 2 that produces Yogurt with the help of dairy animals.

After placing the Yogurt Creamery, some building materials are needed to finish the Building.

  • 6 Milk Can, 5 are already provided
  • 8 Stone Block, 7 are already provided
  • 8 Wood Planks, 7 are already provided

After that 4 Neighbors are needed to hire for constructing the Yogurt Creamery. 2 of them are already provided.

If you like to see a visual presentation of the information, click here.

Yogurt Production

Once the Yogurt Creamery is been built, adult dairy animals such as Cows and Goats give in addition to Milks and Cheese some Milk Droplets after being fed. As soon as the Milk Droplet Bar reached 40, the Yogurt Creamery can be clicked to get 10 XP and 3 to 6 Yogurt:

Yogurt Creamery
Chance Reward
70% 3 Yogurt
15% 4 Yogurt
10% 5 Yogurt
5% 6 Yogurt

The player yields one Gourmet Yogurt as long as there are at least 10 dairy animals. If there are less then there’s only a chance to get the Gourmet Yogurt. The Gourmet Yogurt can be a Uncommon, Rare or Ultra Rare one:

Gourmet Yogurt
Chance Reward
65% Uncommon Yogurt
25% Rare Yogurt
10% Ultra Rare Yogurt

If the Gourment Yogurt Collection consisting of 6 Uncommon Yogurt, 4 Rare Yogurt and 2 Ultra Rare Yogurt is completed, the player wins the exclusive Highland Cow.

Dairy Animals

Each dairy animal produces a different number of Milk Droplets. Goats produce the same number of Milk Droplets as they produce Milks, whereas the Milk Droplets produced by Cows are 3 times greater than the given Milks:

Goat Milk Droplets Cow Milk Droplets
Red Goat 5 or 6 Longhorn Cow 3 or 9
Saanen Goat 7 or 8 Jersey Cow 6 or 12
Nubian Goat 2 Swiss Cow 9 or 15
La Mancha Goat 3 Devon Cow 9
Boer Goat 4 Highland Cow 9

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