Tuesday , 13 March 2018
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Win 10 Golden Gloves AND 10 Keys!

Zynga will post 4 trivia questions over the next few days, and draw a random winner to receive prizes from a Farm Hand, to Keys, to decoration in-game!

Today’s question: What color is Nick’s Trailer in the game? You can win 10 Golden Gloves AND 10 Keys!


View Rules Here: http://zynga.tm/s0A2v

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  1. Nick’s trailer is 2 shades of blue

  2. Nick’s trailer is 2shades of blur

  3. Nick’s trailer is blue

  4. Sheryl Kincaid

    The trailer top is green the bottom part gray

  5. Martha phillips

    2 shades of blue

  6. danny mcalister

    When does the wedding event start for farmville 2 country escape

  7. danny mcalister

    Nick tralier is blue

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