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White Sheep

The White Sheep is an animal in FarmVille 2, available as soon as Level 6 has been reached. It can be bought from the General Store for 9,000 Coins as a Baby or optionally for 15 Farm Bucks as an Adult. The Baby takes 3 Baby Bottles to make it grow up.

White Sheep


Requirement: Level 6
Raise Baby Animal: 3 Baby Bottles
Sell Baby: 450 Coins
Sell Adult: 900 Coins
Sell Prized: 1,800 Coins
Mastery: Red_Mastery_Ribbon 32
Red_Mastery_Ribbon 530
Red_Mastery_Ribbon 890
Feeds Required: 4 Feed
XP Gained: 3 XP
Resources: Wool
Next Feeding: 8 Hours
Feeding until Prized: 50 Feedings
Feeding Prized
XP Gained: 35 XP
Resource: Fine Sheep Fleece
Next Feeding: 18 hours

Produced Resources

The White Sheep can be fed every 8 hours, and consumes 4 Feed each time. It will produce 1 Wool, 1 Milk and 2 Fertilizers.but some times the white sheep gives only one wool or one milk or some times two wool two fertillizers but no milk.

Adult White Sheep
Chance Reward
?% 1 Wool
1 Milk
2 Fertilizers
?% 2 Wool
1 Milk
2 Fertilizers

Prized Details

After 50 Feedings the Adult White Sheep will become a Prized White Sheep. Now it can only be fed every 18 hours and will produce 35 XP and 1 Fine Sheep Fleece. It can be sold for 1,800 Coins

Cost Effectiveness

The Adult White Sheep produces Wool worth an average of 5,535 Coins, Cheese worth 2,550 Coins, 150 XP and 30 Fertilizers in total. Feeding it with Strawberries, the Feedconsumes 360 Coins and 20 Water.

If the White Sheep is sold as soon as it becomes prized it gained in total 525 Coins. That’s a Productivity of 26 Coins per Water which can be pushed up to 799 Coins per Water if the Fertilizer is used on Cabbage.

A higher Productivity can be accomplished by feeding the Sheep with Red Pepper instead of Strawberry as long as the fertilized Crop or Tree Harvest sells for 69 Coins or more. Then the Feed consumes only 10.53 Water. The highest Productivity can be yield with fertilized Cabbage: 1,402 Coins per Water

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