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WellWells are building structures which provide 10 Water. Once 1 or more water is taken out of a well, it takes 4 Hours to have the well up to it’s maximum capacity again. The cost of a well is dependent on the number of wells that are already built on the farm.

Well# Price Requirement
1 Free Expand to The Family Well
2 14,000 Coins Level 3
3 50,000 Coins
4 150,000 Coins
5 300,000 Coins
6 Free Expand to The Waterpatch

After placing the Well, some building materials are needed for the construction. In the next step Neighbors are needed to help. The player has to send requests to the Neighors. The first Well needs:

  • Wood Plank 1 Wood Plank
  • Brick 1 Brick
  • Metal 1 Metal
  • 2 Neighbors

All additional Wells after the first one have greater requirements:

  • Wood Plank 3 Wood Planks
  • Brick 3 Bricks
  • Metal 3 Metal
  • 4 Neighbors

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