Saturday , 9 December 2017
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Wedding Event Fix!

Zynga fixed the duplicate issue with the Wedding Event on FarmVille 2: Country Escape. They’ve also made it easier to get the items needed in the event, even from Grandma’s Glade!

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  1. I was on phase 6 needing three more items to complete. The centerpiece was my next item and it was Friday 6/5/15. Between that day through yesterday the last day i received 18 champagne glasses in the mystery bags. I used almost 700 keys to try and advance in the event to no avail. And to top it off when i tried to contact zynga numerous said they were having texhnical difficulties and to try again later.

  2. This is driving me nuts and not fair. Have only a few hours left and have collected tose petals 5 times, chairs at least 4 times, took 3 days to get past the impossible to achieve camera! Now have a 12 piece setting of silverware! Still isn’t fixed for me.

  3. They didn’t fix it fast enough!! This event was terrible. I tried so hard!! Could of even gave us a couple more days after fix!!

  4. Almost finished with the wedding and have been stuck on the wedding glasses for 8 times now. Can’t seem to get the silverware. Please fix so I can move on it has been days

  5. Still not working, waste of keys and time. You need to credit all the wasted keys for the dogs that disappeared and the useless mystery bags with duplicate items!

  6. I have been on the very last of the event for three days now, can not complete it!!!

  7. Still stuck on round 4 of wedding event even after u said it was fixed i am very frustrated

  8. Fraud . still everything twice

  9. I have been stuck and getting the same events for days. It’s not fixed here

  10. I’ve been stuck on Round 4 of the Wedding Event for 5 days, getting the same items over and over again. Have only needed the watch to finish the round for 3 days now. Now I don’t have time to finish Rounds 5 and 6 to complete the event. Come on Zynga, you’ve been doing this for a long time now, get your act together. You lose nothing when players win. This game is suppose to be fun, not so frustrating you want to throw your tablet against the wall.

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