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Update: V 1.5.46

So April 25, Zynga released an update for Farmville 2 Country Escape. Before the update, most of us, if not all, were having problems connecting our Facebook accounts to the game and for those who were lucky enough to connect to the game, they can’t send or receive friend requests thus limiting their gaming experience as visiting neighbors helps you get fertilizers that you can use to instantly finish growth of crops even those that takes hours to fully grow.

We did not encountered this problem during the beta test so we were quite surprised that this happened when the game was finally released where we expected most bugs and problems to have already been fixed. Fortunately, Zynga is keeping a close eye on the game and the cries for help of the gamers that they immediately saw the problem and fixed it.

To get the latest patch for Farmville 2 Country Escape, please visit App Store and Google Play Store and download the latest patch there. So what are the fixes on this current patch? Check it out below:

What’s new in version 1.5.46:

You’ll be happy to know that we’ve made some exciting improvements on your farm including…

  • Connecting to Facebook: Get ready to farm with friends instead of waiting to connect!
  • Game Crashes: Say goodbye to game crashes and hello to longer play sessions!

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  1. I have had the same problem as Janice Daddio. I was on level 41, when the update took place on mar. 29 2015 my game completely quit! It would not load at all… I went to every resource there was available and all Zynga support could tell me was there was no support for me due to the fact that Farmville 2 CE was not “Optimized” for my PC. Several emails notified me of this! Ha I couldn’t believe it since I had my own co-op 43 members, access through my face book etc. Could sell on my stand and was doing great! Spent money on this game that I would never normally do and my whole family played on “OUR FARM”. I was told by Microsoft to uninstall it and re-install so I did. It started over…. Only now I have just finally reached level 14 with out any help or a way to access the internet it will not link to my face book now or any of that…. So much for “Global Connecting!”
    Well, I said all there is to say… Just putting this out there for those of you who play on your computer.
    Have a Blessed Day! Happy Easter Everyone!
    Jammie McFall Farmville 2 CE Player

  2. I Also like to comment on the New Update for FarmVille2-Country Escape. Before doing the New Update. I was able to connect to My Face Book Account. and it ran much smoother like watering the Crops or moving around the game to Enjoy Playing the Game. As soon as doing the Newest Update for the Game. I am Unable to Connect to My Face Book or it seems to lag in just watering the Plants. I Know I am connected to Facebook for it worked on other games and as well as this game. I would Hope it would get fixed soon. I play FarmVille 2- Country Escape several times a day. I enjoy it ,, It comes up cannot connect to Face Book sighs. When it worked before I did the New Update. Any way I can get back to the old version before the New version where everything worked before. Hope it gets fixed soon. Have a very blessed day.

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