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The Snail Garden is here

Hey Farmers! Here comes the Snail Garden where you can win awesome rewards by collecting Snails.

If you are level 15, the “A Snail Tale” popup will appear in your game. To kick-off this feature, click on the “Start Building” button:

Snail Garden - FarmVille 2

You will then have to complete two steps to finish the Snail Garden. The first step is to gather building materials:

Snail Garden - FarmVille 2

Next step is to invite Friends to be your Crew:

Snail Garden - FarmVille 2

Once you’ve completed the steps, this is how the finished Snail Garden will look:

Snail Garden - FarmVille 2

Click on the building to open the “It’s All Smooth Snailing” menu:

Snail Garden - FarmVille 2

There are three ways to get Snails. One is to harvest Crops. To increase your chances of finding Snails, use Fertilizers:

Snail Garden - 6
You can also buy Snails or craft Snail Treats.

Snail Garden - FarmVille 2
Here are the rewards you can get:

Snail Garden - FarmVille 2

When you have collected all these prizes, you will receive the baby Ginger Water Deer and 10 Favors!

It’s very easy to get these rewards, so start harvesting your crops and collect those Snails!

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