Friday , 19 January 2018
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The Lighthouse is Here!

The Lighthouse is Here! It’s time to start treasure hunting to find all 5 Journal Pages, and win great prizes including the Ancient Mariner Farm Hand!

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  1. Stephanie Browning

    I can’t even get into the lighthouse. It keeps telling me that it’s coming soon. I checked and my game is up to date. Any suggestions on how to get the lighthouse open?

  2. I want to get out of the lighthouse order board. Please help by emailing me. Ive uninstalled and reloaded it and I go right back. Please I just want to play the game

  3. I love FarmVille 2country escapes,but my game has come to a halt. I got to the mariners orders and I.don’t have the item . I can’t go make it either or resume the game bingo I was playing. it’s been a whole day and I almost had my dog I had already completed 3/4 of the tasks and then out of no where the lighthouse opened. what can I do they are gameplay instructions for everything but this I have searched all the forums and I can not find out what to do. please email me I just want to get to play. Thank you

  4. Just wondering what is the next event and how u guys didn’t the dog of summer this year I relly like that

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