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Keys are the hardest currency to get but they can be earned. Keys are mainly earned by finishing quests orachievements. It is a very slow process and many people resort to buying them directly. You can buy them directly from Zynga using the in game purchasing system. Just click on the + sign next to your key balance in the …

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Barn Nail

A barn nail is an item sometimes found by foraging on your farm or as a prize on the Sales Bonus Meter. Barn nails are used to upgrade the Barn, Silo, and the Back Porch Storage area. They cannot be sold and they occupy space in your Barn. One barn nail has a value of 8 keys. 3 Barn Nails can obtained by trading …

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Farm Order Board Bonus

Want to Earn More Prizes? We have introduced a new feature in the game where you can earn amazing prizes. This feature is permanent and available to players  Level 16 and up. Not just that! There are more than just one level to play. The higher the level, the more awesome are the prizes. This is now your chance to grab …

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Farm Order Board

The Farm Order Board is an NPC market run by Marie. She displays grid of items that she wants to buy from you. Marie starts you off with just 2 spots on the board. As you level up she adds more tiles until at 9th level there are 9 spots open. (3 by 3 grid) Marie pays you experience points …

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