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Dakota is one of your Farm Hands. She arrives when you reach level 12. Foraging Increased chance of Mint at Pappy’s Pond. Bonus 250 coins at Merryweather Mine. Quests List quests that Heidi offers Backstory list info about who she is and how she knew your grandparents. Does she arrive before or after you open pappys pond?

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Calvin is one of your Farm Hands. He arrives when you reach level 18. Foraging Increased chance of Tin at Merryweather Mine Quests List quests that Calvin offers Backstory list info about who he is and how he knew your grandparents.

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In the game of FarmVille 2 Country Escape, there are a lot of places you can expand your farm to. Most of them have requirements which you need to meet in order to open up this specific place. You can only unlock patches of ground if your current unlocked ground is directly adjacent with a full patch to this new …

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Merryweather Mine

Merryweather Mine is a foraging spot. It is unlocked at Level 18 and costs 100,000 coins. You can send a maximum of 6 farm hands to forage there. Foraging costs 2 Blanket, 2 Granola Bar and takes 2 hours. Possible Rewards 50 experience points per farm hand. Bonus 250 coins – If Dakota is foraging here. Barn Nail – This is …

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