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Swiss Cow

The Swiss Cow is an animal available in the game. It can be bought from the market for 65,000 coins as a baby or for 57 Farm Bucks. The Baby Swiss Cow will become Adult after 17 Baby Bottles. While becoming Adult, it will produce 1 Milk.

Swiss Cow
Requirement: Level 20
Cost Baby: 65,000 coins
Raise Baby Animal: 17 Baby Bottles
Sell Baby: 3,250 coins
Sell Adult: 6,500 coins
Sell Prized: 13,000 coins
Mastery: Yellow Mastery Ribbon 65
Red Mastery Ribbon 725
Blue Mastery Ribbon 1200
Feeds Required: 12 Feed
XP Gained: 10 XP
Resources: Milks
Next Feeding: 3 hours
Feeding until Prized: 100 Feedings
Feeding Prized
XP Gained: 150 XP
Resource: Swiss Cheese
Next Feeding: 18 hours

Produced Resources

The Swiss Cow can be fed every 3 hours, and consumes 12 Feed each time. It will produce 10 XP, some 3 Milks, 4 Cheese and 4 Fertilizers.

Adult Swiss Cow
Chance Reward
?% 3 Milks
4 Cheese
4 Fertilizers
?% 4 Milks
4 Cheese
4 Fertilizers

Prized Details

After 100 Feedings the Adult Swiss Cow will become a Prized Swiss Cow. Now it can only be fed every 18 hours and will produce 150 XP and 1 Swiss Cheese. It can be sold for 13,000 coins.

Mastery Amount Needed for Ribbon Reward
Yellow Mastery Ribbon 65 2 Speed-Feed
Red Mastery Ribbon 725 3 Speed-Feed
Blue Mastery Ribbon 1200 6 Speed-Feed

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