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Sweetheart Tree

Sweetheart_TreeThe Sweetheart Tree is a special building in FarmVille 2 for the Valentine’s Day 2013. It is used to collect Valentines in order to winCaramel Pygora Goats.

The Sweetheart Tree is provided for free, but is can only be constructed with special building materials.

  • 10 Shovels
  • 10 Bags of Soil
  • 10 Wood Planks

After that 4 Neighbors are needed to hire for finishing the construction.

In the time near Valentine’s Day 2013 sometimes Valentines are spawned after harvesting trees. They can be produced in the Kitchen, too. They can be used in the Sweetheart Tree to buy 4 different Valentine’s Day items:

  • Bird Bath 15 Valentines
  • Floral Festival Rose Wreath 30 Valentines
  • Camellia Tree 60 Valentines
  • Love Picnic Tent 145 Valentines

If all four prizes are collected, the player wins a exclusive Baby Goat, the Caramel Pygora Goat. The tree expires on 20th February 2013. Valentine’s Day items can not be bought any longer then.

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