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Speed Seeds Guide

What are Speed Seeds

Speed Seeds allows you to harvest your produce instantaneously.  You can use it to instantly grow your crops and you can use it to your animals.

How to use Speed Seeds?

Feed your animal or water your crop, then tap on the animal or crop, then tap on the Speed Seed image that looks like this…

How do you get Speed Seeds?

You get Speed Seeds from your neighbours or Facebook friends.  Send “Speed Seeds” to you friends and hopefully they will send you some Speed Seeds back. Go to your “Mailbox” and send “Speed Seeds” to six of your friends.


How do you receive Speed Seeds

You can receive “speed seeds” from your Facebook friends or neighbours by tapping on the “Mailbox” and click on “Accept“.  You are only allowed to have up to 5 “speed seeds” on hand.  You must use your speed seeds before you can “accept” more from your friends.  You must collect your speed seeds as soon as possible as they do not last forever.

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  1. A timer keeps apearing on my speed feed. Can anyone tell me what its for pls

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