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Some more Tips and Strategies

Earn Coins
The main aim of the game is to progress your farm, however without coins this will be impossible. FarmVille 2: Country Escape is free to play, however in-app purchases are available. The fastest way to earn coins and experience is to complete “Farm Orders”, these are available on the “Farm Orders” board. Here you can sell your crafted items and crops you have harvested.

You can also earn coins by selling your items to other farmers giving you the ability for you to determine the price. However, sales are never guaranteed but with the large numbers of players playing online, you can be fairly confidence other Farmville 2 players will be keen to purchase your items.

Unlock Keys
Keys are one of the most important resources you can obtain. These allow you to speed things up within the game. If you need to complete buildings faster or produce crops faster than keys are the key. Be sure to keep an eye out for sales where you can purchase large amounts of keys, with these you can progress much quicker within FarmVille 2 Country Escape. The best way to save keys is to not use them to skip the tutorials early on in the game, instead be patient and wait them out.

Free Resources
The game includes a character called Grandma. Be sure to head over to her every 15 minutes as you can access useful items such as XP, nails and much more.

Work for Eddie
Once you reach level 15 you can then work for Eagle Eye Eddie. Simply give him the special items he needs and you will be rewarded with stamps and experience points. You can find new quests with Eddie every 4 hours, however if you have enough keys you can call him back sooner for large experience boosts.

Maximum Production
Upgrade your buildings to run at full production. Double your batches and decrease your wait time by upgrading your structures. Whilst you will need more resources each time to finish each job, upgrades will increase your product time. You can even use keys to do this and your production time will increase tenfold. You could even be the FarmVille 2: Country Escape master farmer.

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours
Adding active farmers to your friends list is extremely helpful, pick them carefully as you can only add a few at once. However, adding farm neighbours is a fantastic way to collect additional farmhands and increase crop growth, along with other tasks.

Importance for Farm Hands
Use the maximum amount of farm hands you can to discover locations that seem of great interest. If you need a specific item or crop then send your farm hands to search an area for it. This will allow you to complete searches efficiently and gather the resources you need, be sure to follow this essential FarmVille 2 tip.

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