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So Fond-of-ue!

Valentine’s Day is coming and Barbara has something exciting to propose. She wants us to make sure the mood at the B&B is nice and romantic by making some tasty chocolate fondue. Let’s make some and invite our friends and share with them. We’ll have a beautiful Baby Amiatina Donkey as a reward.

If you are level 15, the “So Fond-of-ue!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Fondue Vat!” button to begin this feature:

To start building the Fondue Vat, gather all the materials needed:

So Fond-of-ue FarmVille 2

Then, invite your friends to be your builders or hire them:

So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2

Once it’s done, this is how your Fondue Vat would look like:

So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2

Click on the Fondue Vat to view the menu:

So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2

Collect Chocolate Hearts in order to get the rewards from the Fondue Vat. One way to collect Chocolate Hearts is by making tasty Chocolate Fondue.

So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2

Note: Each Chocolate Fondue rewards you with a specific number of Chocolate Hearts.

There are three chocolate fondue that you can make:

Pears in Syrup: 8 Rose Myrtles + 6 Pears

So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2

Swiss Cheesecake: 6 Swiss cheese + 2 Cupcake Molds

So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2

Foaming Chocolate: 6 Milks + 3 Milk Frothers

So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2

If you do not have the ingredient, you can ask your Co-op friends by clicking on the “Call My Co-op” button or you can click the “Post” button so your friends can send you one.

So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2

Once the Chocolate Fondue is ready, invite your friends by clicking the “Invite” button and your friends will leave Chocolate Hearts after tasting your tasty Chocolate Fondue.

So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2

Collect as many Chocolate Hearts as you can and redeem awesome prizes! Get the beautiful Baby Amiantina Donkey and 10 Favors as your final rewards!

So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2

So what are you waiting for? Let’s make some tasty Chocolate Fondue and share it with our friends!

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