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Sheep Shack

Sheep_ShackA Sheep Shack is a Building in FarmVille 2. The player can store Prized Sheep inside. After placing the Sheep Shack, some building materials are needed to finish the Building.

  • 10 Sheep Railings
  • 10 Crooks
  • 10 Sods

The Sheep Shack can store up to 12 Prized Sheep (6 when below level 15, 4 when under level 10) and halves the amount of Feed needed to feed the Prized Sheep (rounded up to the nearest whole number). It increases your feed capacity by 25. Feeding the Prized Sheep in the Sheep Shack will yield Golden Fleece as well. The Prized Sheep inside this Building will not count toward your Animal Population. Speed-Feed (half of the amount of sheep in the shack) are needed to instantly harvest it again, or you will have to wait 18 hours.

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