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Romantic Gazebo!

Love is in the air! It’s been sometime since Walter and Barbara had a real date. Let’s help Walter give Barbara a special Valentine’s Day treat. We will have this unique Baby Lilac Otter Lop Rabbit for keeps if we’re able to pull this off.

If you are level 15, the “Table for Two!” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Building” button to begin this feature:

Start building the Romantic Gazebo by collecting all the materials needed:

Romantic Gazebo - FarmVille 2

Then, ask your friends to help you build it or hire them:

Romantic Gazebo - FarmVille 2

This is how your Romantic Gazebo will look like once it’s done:

Romantic Gazebo - FarmVille 2

You can view the main menu by clicking on the Romantic Gazebo:

Romantic Gazebo - FarmVille 2

Collect Love Posies to earn awesome rewards. There are three ways to collect Love Posies. First is to craft goods:

Romantic Gazebo - FarmVille 2

Note: Each crafted goods will reward you with a specific number of Love Posies.

If you have enough crafting materials, you can click on “Make 1” to get the crafted goods and the corresponding number of Love Posies.

Romantic Gazebo - FarmVille 2

If you do not have enough materials, you can ask your Co-op for help:

Romantic Gazebo - FarmVille 2

Another way to earn Love Posies is to ask your Friends for it:

Romantic Gazebo - FarmVille 2

Lastly, you can purchase Love Posies using your Farm Bucks:

Romantic Gazebo - FarmVille 2

Get awesome rewards upon reaching certain milestones. A green check mark will show you your progress:

Romantic Gazebo - FarmVille 2

There are three tabs for Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3. Each week has a different set of rewards:

Week 1: Earn Water and a Valentine’s Archway

Week 2: Earn Power and Sweetheart Balloons

Week 3: Earn Baby Bottles and a Lovey-Dovey Swing

Romantic Gazebo - FarmVille 2

Different crafted goods will also be unlocked for each week. Click on the left or right arrowheads to scroll through the other goods that you can craft:

Romantic Gazebo - FarmVille 2

So share the love! Collect those Love Posies and let’s give Walter and Barbara a sweet and memorable Valentine’s Day!

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