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Red Goat

The Red Goat is an animal available in the game that is based on the real world goat.

Red Goat


Requirement: Level 2
Raise Baby Animal: 2 Baby Bottles
Sell Prized: 600 Coins
Mastery: Yellow_Mastery_Ribbon104
Feeds Required: 4 Feed
XP Gained: 2 XP
Resources: Milks
Next Feeding: 15 Minutes
Feeding until Prized: 40 Feedings
Feeding Prized
XP Gained: 45 XP
Resource: Goat Cheese
Next Feeding: 18 hours

The Red Goat can be bought as a baby from the market for 3,000 Coins, or as an adult for 7 Farm Bucks. The Baby Red Goat becomes Adult after being fed with 2 Baby Bottles.

Produced Resources

The Adult Red Goat can be fed every 15 minutes, and consumes 4 Feed each time. It will produce 2 XP, Milks and sometimes Cheese.

Adult Red Goat
Chance Reward
40% 1 Milk
60% 1 Milk
1 Cheese

Prized Details

After 40 Feedings the Adult Red Goat will become a Prized Red Goat. Now it can only be fed every 18 hours and will produce 45 XP and 1 Goat Cheese. Full Mastery gives another Goat Cheese. It can be sold for 600 Coins.

Cost Effectiveness

The Adult Red Goat produces Milks worth an average of 3,485 Coins, Cheese worth 4,800 Coins and 80 XP in total. Feeding it with Strawberries, the Feed consumes 288 Coinsand 16 Water.

If the Red Goat is sold as soon as it becomes prized it gained in total 5,597 Coins. That’s a Productivity of 350 Coins per Water.

The highest Productivity of the Red Goat is accomplished by feeding it with Red Pepper. Then it gains 4,622 Coins. The Feed consumes only 8.42 Water which results in 549 Coins per Water.


Each Feeding of an Adult or Prized Red Goat gives 1 Mastery Point. There are three levels of the Red Goat mastery:

  • 104
  • 1178
  • 1908

In total 3190 Mastery Points are needed to get full mastery. Now Prized Red Goats give one additional Goat Cheese when feeded.

Mastery Amount Needed for Ribbon
Yellow_Mastery_Ribbon 104
Red_Mastery_Ribbon 1282
Blue_Mastery_Ribbon 3190

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