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Prepare your Pranks!

April fool’s Day is just around the corner and Percy would like to have lots of fun with his friends. Let’s help him host Prank Parties by collecting Party Invites and we’ll win a Baby Black Backed Bolivian Alpaca in return.

If you are level 15, the “Prepare your Pranks!” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Prank Pedestal!” button to start this feature.

The first step to build the Prank Pedestal is to gather materials:


Next is to invite four Friends to be your Builders or hire them:


The completed Prank Pedestal will look like this:


Click on the Pedestal to view the menu:


It’s so easy to collect Party Invites! You can choose from these three options: finish tasks in your farm, ask friends, or purchase invites:


There are four parties to collect invites for. Complete the first party so you can move on to the next.


You can see how many invites you have collected here:


Once the needed invites for the first party are collected, invite four friends to attend.


Then click on the Host Jack’s Box button:


Let the fun begin as you and your friends gather for Jack’s Box Party hosted by Percy:


After the party, you will get these gifts:


You now can proceed to collect invites for the next party:


Remember that you will start earning rewards by reaching certain milestones:


Collect all the Party Invites needed and you’ll be rewarded with the cutest Baby Black Backed Bolivian Alpaca!


Let’s begin gathering invites and all these exciting rewards will be yours!

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