Friday , 20 April 2018
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Pilfered Poultry!

Crack the Case of the Pilfered Poultry in the newest event, and win the exclusive Bloodhound Detective Farm Hand!

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  1. Too long. Can’t get enough of required stuff to keep it interesting.

  2. It appears there is no way to win this event in the allotted time. Evidently it’s meant to be a money sink. Too bad, that just alienates players.

    I’m ok with spending few dollars here and there on gameplay but drop rate is so low on the event, that even with 24/7 playing (who can do that?) you can’t complete and win the prize. Or you could spend a ton of money on keys/boosts. #timeforanewgame

  3. Too many visits to crime scene and can’t get China cups. If you make this too hard people just quit. Can’t collect stuff, it is not worth my time, not even fun.

  4. I didn’t receive my dalmatian after the last event 🙁

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