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Mallard Mill

Mallard Mill is a foraging spot. It is unlocked at Level 32 and costs ??? coins.

You can send a maximum of 8 farm hands to forage there. Foraging costs 1 Lemon Tart, 1 Whistle, and takes 4 hours.

There are 3 special farm hands that help at Mallard Mill. They are Magpie Duck, Mallard Duck, and the Mute Swan. They do not count against the 8 farm hands slots. They increase the chances on getting the default items and also add the possibility of finding other things.

Possible Rewards

  • 50 experience per farm hand
  • Barn Nail – This is a low chance item
  • Barn Padlock – This is a low chance item
  • Brass
  • Cedar Wood
  • Duck Feathers
  • Egg
    • Bonus Eggs (2) if you have purchased the Mallard Duck
    • Bonus Eggs if you have purchased the Magpie Duck
  • Lemon
    • Bonus Lemon (1) if you have purchased the Mute Swan
  • Light Bulb

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  1. I bought the mute swan and now I don’t get any feathers. It has been replaced by a lemon. Is that supposed to happen? And if it is, that’s mean. There’s no way for me to get feathers anymore.

    • I’ve been having the same problem for a year now. Maybe we can turn off the swan. I just using the mill once this happened. I’ve been stuck w/ 2 duck feathers forever because I am waiting to get enough to use them.

    • No, purchasing a Mute Swan does not cancel the availability of feathers. It simply doesn’t show up in the display, you can still get feathers, the reason you don’t get a feather every time is because its availability percentage is not 100. I have bought a Mute Swan and I still get feathers sometimes.

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