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Known Bugs

Bugs are serious matters especially with games having high potential. With more content and features, having more possibilities to experience bugs on it. Bugs are inevitable but the real issue here is how fast the game developer can provide fixes. It is also good to hear some feedback from other players as some of them have alternative ways to fix bugs and problems. Even the popular Zynga’s FarmVille 2: Country Escape has bug on it. These are bugs based on what players experience in playing FarmVille 2: Country Escape as of May 2014 confirmed by Zynga:

“Truck Broke Down” error when selling goods

You are not alone in experiencing this error as Zynga already received lots of report that players are still having issue with selling their goods as they are seeing a “Truck Broke Down” error. As of now, Zynga is aware of this issue and they are investigating it and hopeful they will fix this problem sooner. Yes it is really annoying to experience bugs on any games while there are some bug where players can take advantage from it so they can modify the game and use it for their edge as the way of cheating the game. But not this time as selling goods is one of the important things to do in such game and with this truck broke down error, some of us are helpless in making a good progress out of it.


Facebook Connection issues

Upon integrating our game account on Facebook will give us compensation not only for free items but also with friends where we can ask some help for effective way of playing Country Escape. As I remember the early years of playing Facebook games, we stalked on different fan page to download Farmville 2 cheats. But how come for now if we are still experiencing Facebook connection issues? Well as Zynga advised we need to integrate our game account on Facebook not only for rewards but also this will secure our progress and letting us to play the game not only on one gadget but even in different ends you can still play the game under your progress.

Players unable to send additional Helping Hands since they have to wait for several hours or days

Instead of exchanging items in game as a traditional way of playing social games, here in Country Escape you can send Helping Hands with other player. Unfortunately there is a problem as you are not able to send additional Helping Hands and the only thing you can do is to wait for several hours or days to let you. With this new concept of socializing, we can say that FarmVille 2: Country Escape is a great game giving us a new experience of playing social game with our handheld devices but with such bugs like this, we can’t play the game to the fullest. And instead of enjoying this problem, this is another problem need to fix.


Players not getting Speed Seed from their friends

Because of social feature problems it cause more complicated errors in game. If we can’t send helping hands before, now we are not also able to get Speed Seed from our friends. Not all players are experiencing this bug but it is really unfair for those who can’t take advantage from Speed Seed. Hope they can make a solution for it as this is important part of the game.

Accounts rollback

The most annoying bugs of all video games and sad to say we are also experiencing this on FarmVille 2: Country Escape. This really needs some serious fixes as this can cause big issue especially for those who already invested money in game. This bug will instantly remove all your progress in game and if you are experience bugs we mentioned above, you are lucky enough if this account rollback thing never happened to you. This bug made players to quit on playing the game as they ended it hopeless and tiring. Yes simulation game will require you to spend patience and this patience can be worn out easily with bugs. Follow us for more updates regarding in this game. On our next updates, we will share to you how can you fix and hopefully prevent these bugs to happen in your game.

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  1. Help please! I can’t harvest mine… It keeps on saying my inventory is full tho I have so much space. Is this some kind of bug also? If so kindly fix it asap… My workers are trapped there :/

    • You will need to have 34 open spaces in your barn to open Mine. There are 30 Copper, plus Quartz And Tin waiting for you. Good Luck.

  2. I am not receiving my event item when I tend my prize animals, go to the pond or the mine and to the pier to go fishing. The last few times I have done these activities I have not got the ginger. Please fix this issue.

  3. For a few months my Pappys Pond does not work. I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled it to no avail. Don’t know if anyone else is having this problem but mine needs fixing asap.

  4. I’ve been playing this game for a while now and managed to rack up some serious coins. Yesterday I noticed when collecting my coins that my total isn’t changing at all. I have 20,000,000 coins and have collected since hitting that mark it shows the coins being collected but the balance doesn’t change. This is total crap. I tried using player support tabe within the app but then when asking for more help due to FAQ not having this issue listed I get directed to a blank page. I still have four and a half levels until I can buy land again. Three windchimes, hope check, wine and cheese later and still nothing has changed. If they do give a consolation prize it’ll probably be about $100 coins just like last time.

  5. I’ve been playing for a while and I like the game and the concept, but this game has a lot of issues that of course make the game much more difficult. I’ve had the “truck broke down” problem for a month (yes 1month) ridiculous!!!! I’ve send zinga 3 messages and nothing gets fixed. It breaks down everyday for hours (more than 12) so I only have a little window of time to play the game. It’s almost impossible to play the game with your “truck broke down” since you have so little storage space. I don’t usually spend money on games, but I would’ve in this game the reason I don’t is because of this situation and a few other bugs the game has. It’s not fair to spend money on a game that is constantly cheating you out of stuff. Oh and other games usually give you stuff when they have bugs that affect you this one do NOT give you anything not even extra time to finish an order. Be aware that the problems in this game are so frustrating that spending money is not worth it at all.

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