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Keys and Speed Seed

Keys and Speed Seed are the two “premium currencies” in Farmville 2: Country Escape.

Keys are somewhat hard to earn. Opening Hope Chests will give you a few, as will completing quests. (We’ll get to the Farmer’s Almanac and quests here in a sec.) They’re almost universally useful, though.

Farmville 2: Country Escape Guide: Keys

For instance, with keys you can:

  • Bypass the level requirements for buying certain stuff, like new lands and extra animals.
  • Skip the wait time on virtually anything, including growing crops, crafting items, and animal production.
  • Upgrade your buildings so that they produce more and do it faster.

Pro Tip:
Keys are a very valuable currency, and I suggest that you not waste them to skip things that just take patience.Even when the tutorial messages seem to force you to spend keys you can just wait out the timers instead.

Speed Seed is earned by having your Facebook friends send it to you. Unlike keys, it is generally only useful for speeding things up, and you can only have a small amount of it in reserve at a time. If you’ve got friends who are willing to set you up with Speed Seed, you might as well use it!

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