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Katahdin Sheep

The Katahdin Sheep is an animal in FarmVille 2, available as soon as Level 18 has been reached. It can be bought from the General Store for 27,500 coins as a Baby or optionally for 40 Farm Bucks as an Adult. The Baby takes 7 Baby Bottles to make it grow up.

Katahdin Sheep
Katahdin Sheep
Requirement: Level 18
Raise Baby Animal: 7 Baby Bottles
Sell Baby: 1,850 coins
Sell Adult: 2,700 coins
Sell Prized: 5,400 coins
Mastery: Yellow Mastery Ribbon 39
Red Mastery Ribbon 199
Blue Mastery Ribbon 471
Feeds Required: 8 Feed
XP Gained: 7 XP
Resources: Wool
Next Feeding: 8 hours
Feeding until Prized: 60 Feedings
Feeding Prized
XP Gained: 83 XP
Resource: Fine Sheep Fleece
Next Feeding: 18 hours


It requires 8 Feed and gives 7 XP when fed, produces some 2 Wool, 2 Milks and 3 Fertilizers. Like most other Sheep, it can be fed every 8 Hours.

Adult Katahdin Sheep
Chance Reward
?% 2 Wool
2 Milks
3 Fertilizers
?% 3 Wool
2 Milks
3 Fertilizers


After 60 Feedings the Adult Katahdin Sheep will become a Prized Katahdin Sheep. Now it can only be fed every 18 hours and will produce 83 XP and 1 Fine Sheep Fleece. The Prized Sheep can be sold for 5,400 coins.


Mastery Amount Needed for Ribbon Reward
Yellow Mastery Ribbon 39 2 Speed-Feed
Red Mastery Ribbon 199 3 Speed-Feed
Blue Mastery Ribbon 471 6 Speed-Feed

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