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How to save your game on your phone

What you need:

– File Manager app – just search for it on iOS store or Play store and download a free version. Any file manager will do.


1. Download and install a file manager
2. Once installed, open it and look for the Farmville 2 country escape folder

For apple:  User Applications/Farmville 2
For Android:  /storage/sdcard0/Android/data/com.zynga.Farmville2CountryEscape/files

3. Look for the files:  UserBlob  and UserBlob_bak
4. Copy these files and paste them anywhere on your phone or you can copy it to your computer
5. That’s it!

So what happened? You saved a copy of your game account. So if ever your account is caught by the bug and you went from level 30 to level 1, simply look for the copy that you made, paste it on the folder of the game and you will get your level 30 back.

Make sure to save your game once a day, like before you sleep or after you played for over an hour or two to avoid loosing your progress on the game. We hope this helps!  Feel free to leave a comment below if you have questions.

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  1. is this still working?

  2. Please help me, yesterday I am updating my farmville game then when I started to play my game level started to level 1 instead of level 52. How can I go back to my game level 52. Please I don’t know how to retrieve my lost game level.

    • i did this recently go to account with google play or google play games (green icon looks like a game console it is separate from google play app if you have it) this google play app should be already on you android if not i dont know what to tell you ……that is where my levels and progress is stored and i did recover it from there…..if you have it go ahead and remove the farmville game from your phone… you must download the game from the google play app the green one…….there are two google play store and google play app one is green the other is white…. here was what i was told to do by zynga

      1. You must have the latest game and DLC versions on your device to be able to sync with the data saved on the Cloud. This allows the game to recognize your progress. Current DLC version is 09/08/2016
      2. You must use the same Game Center/Google Play account to download the game on your device

      1. Restart your device. This is very important as this will allow your device to clear the corrupted data that has been saved on your phone
      2. Launch the game
      3. Tap the “Gear” icon (Game Settings)
      4. Select your preferred Social Network Logins (Facebook, Game Center, Google+)
      5. Wait a few seconds until the game has finished syncing your account.

      Thank you,
      Vanessa E.
      Zynga Player Support

  3. I am at level 60 yesterday and roll back to level 1.I tried option which you mention replacing file. but now problem is when m trying to work on my high level farm game is restarted and roll back to level 1. Please help me to solve this problem

  4. I used the back method which is mention by you. but when m tried to do some work after getting my original level then game is restarted and again roll back to level 1. You have any solution to avoid this ? please help me out. I am at level 60 and game is roll back to 1 now

  5. when it showed me low level and high level i choosed low level is there any chance to go back to my high level???

  6. May i have problems if i use the game progress in 2 devices or if i change device ?
    if i change device and my account isn’t conected via facebook or google plus what can i do?
    anyone helps?

  7. i play farmville 2 …..the problem i am getting i play offline then i connect to wifi to trade in market and it saves my game on gmail or device (don’t know) then i disconnect and exit the game and losses all my game progress next time i play again….it just roll back and i cant retrieve from my device or gmail….bcoz in gmail it saves the beginning of the the game part and not the end …………

    what to do

  8. Not exactly sure how this happened but when I logged on to my cellphone and stated up FV2 I was given a choice between a low level game or the one currently playing… So I opted for the higher one.. Just thought I should provide an update on thiis..

    Thanks for your reply

  9. My question would be how can you take the data from bluestacks on my pc (for Farmville 2) and transfer it to my cellphone?

  10. Well this not show files in phone as folders are empty so nothing to copy, works ok on iphone but not android ???

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