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Grandma’s Glade Guide

Where is Grandma’s Glade?

Grandma’s Glade is located on the left hand side of your “Farm House“.  You need to reach Level 8and have 25 coins to unlock Grandma’s Glade.

What can you collect at Grandma’s Glade?

Send some Farm Hands to forage at Grandma’s Glade and you can collect items such as:

  • XP
  • barn nails
  • blackberries
  • chives

You can have up to 2 Farm Hands to forage at Grandma’s Glade.

Requirements to forage at Grandma’s Glade

Before you send your “Farm Hands“, you will need to have 1 Country Biscuits which can be created at the “Pastry Oven“.

When you tap on Grandma’s Glade, you need to choose a Farm Hand located on the left hand side of the screen.  You can scroll up or down to search for a Farm Hand.  Tap on the Farm Hand that you chose and then drag the Farm Hand into Grandma’s Glade.

After you place your Farm Hand into Grandmas Glade, your Farm Hand is now ready to forage for you!  Tap on the button that says “Go Foraging” to start foraging.  You can place up to 2 Farm Hands in Grandma’s Glade.

How long does it take to forage at Grandma’s Glade?

It takes 15 minutes to forage at Grandma’s Glade.

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  1. how to fix issue with Grandama’s glade , stuck in there.

  2. It’s not letting me do anything else since I’ve started working in Grandmas Glade. Why not?

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