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Get to Know the Animal Barn!

The Animal Barn makes it easier than ever to raise animals on your farm!

If you used Early Unlock to get the Animal Barn then you’ve already received a special Heifer International themed building and a cow. Early Unlockers will also gain access to the top Limited Edition Animals of 2014, too!

Limited Edition Animals 1

Limited Edition Animals 2

Limited Edition Animals 3

Limited Edition Animals 4

You can load it up with any kind of adult animal to make space for crops or buildings! Once it’s on your farm, upgrade it to receive all kinds of nice bonuses. Beginning with the Level 1 Animal Barn you receive the following bonuses:

  • Feed/Superfeed Discounts
  • Extra Feed Capacity
  • Increased Animal Population Capacity

When your Animal Barn reaches Level 5 your Population Capacity increases by 55! Animals can be fed in the Barn too, so you can keep fewer troughs on your farm. You can even give them Speed Feed for County Fair points!

Check out the Animal Barn as it prgoresses through its upgrades!


Heifer Barn 1  Animal Barn 1

Heifer Barn 2  Animal Barn 2

Heifer Barn 3  Animal Barn 3

Heifer Barn 4 Animal Barn 4

Heifer Barn 5 Animal Barn 5

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