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Fruit Press


Must reach level 24.

Item (Recipe) Ingredients Needed Time Needed
Strawberry Jam 1x Jar, 8x Strawberry and 3x Sugar 1 hour
Blackberry Jam 1x Jar, 5x Blackberries and 2x Sugar 3 minutes
Lemonade 1x Bottle and 5x Lemon 5 minutes
Pear Juice 1x Bottle and 5x Pear 10 minutes
Pear Jam 1x Jar, 3x Pear and 1x Sugar 45 minutes
Grape Juice 1x Bottle and 2x Red Grapes 5 minutes
Blueberry Jam 1x Jar, 5x Blueberries and 2x Sugar 15 minutes
Tomato Juice 1x Bottle and 9x Tomato 2 hours

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  1. I cannot find out how to get jars. I just got a fruit press and want to use it.

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