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Fast and Furrious!

We just realized that we haven’t hosted a race with the chirpiest animals ever. Yes, Chinchillas! They are so jumpy and fun loving, they’d be perfect. Host enough races and you will have a Baby Visayan Spotted Deeras a reward.

If you are level 15, the “Fast and Furrious!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Starting Gate!” button to start this feature.

To build the Starting Gate, you need to complete two steps. First step is to gather materials:

Fast and Furrious - FarmVille 2

Then invite four Friends to be your Builders or hire them:

Fast and Furrious - FarmVille 2

This is how it will look like once completed:

Fast and Furrious - FarmVille 2

There are three steps to complete before you can start the race: you must have Chinchillas on your Farm, feed Adult Chinchillas and invite Friends to watch.

Fast and Furrious - FarmVille 2

Once these steps are done, click on the “Pick a Winner!” button:

Fast and Furrious - FarmVille 2

Select the Chinchilla that you bet will win:

Fast and Furrious - FarmVille 2

The first four winners will get coin jackpot winnings:


Once you’ve selected your bet, click on the “Start Race!” button:


Then, watch your Chinchillas in action as they start to race:


You will receive your rewards from the race. Feel free to share it!


Complete all five races and win a cute Baby Visayan Spotted Deer plus 10 Favors!


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