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FarmVille 2: Country Escape Roll Out The RED Carpet

Welcome winter to your farm with exclusive App Store winter content and (RED) items, including the limited edition (PRODUCT)RED Saint Bernard dog and (PRODUCT)RED Cozy Cow! So join the fight for an AIDS free generation with (RED) and make this winter on your farm one to remember!

If you play FarmVille 2: Country Escape on iOS you will be able to participate in the RED quests and have the chance to purchase Limited Edition (PRODUCT)RED items.

We partnered with the App Store and RED. It’s an Apple charity, and we are thrilled to be included.

There is an event starting this week for everyone.

Start the quests by visiting the Winter Cabin on the far right of your farm.



Roll out the RED Carpet (1 of 3)

  • Make 2 Flour
  • Make 1 Apple Pie
  • Send Farm Hands to the Winter Cabin

Roll out the RED Carpet (2 of 3)

  •  Collect 2 RED Cranberries
  • Harvest 4 Apples
  • Make 1 RED Cranberry Apple Turnover

Roll out the RED Carpet (3 of 3)

  • Harvest 4 Strawberries
  • Collect 4 Eggs
  • Make RED Strawberry Gelato

Let it Snow (1 of 3)

  • Collect 4 RED Cranberries
  • Make 4 Sugar
  • Make RED Cranberry Sauce

Let it Snow (2 of 3)

  • Harvest 5 Carrots
  • Collect 4 Honeycomb
  • Make RED Cranberry Glazed Carrots

Let it Snow (3 of 3)

  • Make 1 Stuffed Bass
  • Collect 6 RED Cranberries
  • Make RED Cranberry Crumble

Aside from the quests, you’ll have the option to purchase the below items. If you purchase the Keys, Cozy Cow & St Bernard you will get a Bottomless Well as a bonus. The well fills up your water with 1 tap. All proceeds go to (RED)’s fight against AIDS.






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