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FarmVille 2: Country Escape Playing Cupid Known Issues

Hi Farmers! We are aware of a couple of issues that some of you are experiencing since the Playing Cupid event started.

  • Cherry Pound Cake Recipe not appearing in the Pastry Oven: Please tap the Event Center behind Eagle Eye Eddie to start the Event. It will walk you through a few steps and the Pastry Oven will have the recipe needed.
  • Gelato recipe not appearing in the Dairy: This recipe unlocks at a higher level than where you may be. We may be changing something in the quest but for now, please continue to play through the event, the quests are not required for the event completion.

Thank you for letting reporting the issues and feedback to us!

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  1. not been on for about a week now Cuz went on an game stars from the very beginning then froze playing this on iPhone 5 please help

  2. Ifinished all f phases but dont see final gift.what is it?

  3. I have completed well over a dozen items for phase 4 including the rose champagne over 3 days. I have not advanced at all on the path.

  4. Since the last update everthing has increased in resources and not receiving any resources what is up with that. How are we to do the quest.

  5. Completed level 4 can not continue.

  6. Why does rose perfume now require more resources? Seems like a glitch.

  7. I am experiencing an issue where i have finished stage three (got the rose arbour\swing whatever it is) but the game hasnt moved forward. no stage 4 items are available, . I have force quit several times, but to no avail. i have lost nearly a day to this bug so please help


  8. Cannot move on to phase2. Please help me!

  9. i have been having multiple crashes. Sometimes up to 2 to3 in a row after loading. Coop chat has lag and crashes the game. Bought things and it crashes. Then look for the items that I bought, and they are not there. Frustrating, but I thought I would say something. Game crashed less then when the event started.

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