Tuesday , 13 March 2018
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FarmVille 2: Country Escape New Update

What’s new in version 1.8.95:

  • DOGS: Play with Dogs as your new Farm Hands. These furry friends will help you sniff out rare items at the glade, pond, mine, and pier. Build a Dog House and bring home a Border Collie right away. The German Shepherd is FREE once you complete the quests.
  • EVENTS: Enjoy the Summer Celebration! There are new items, new recipes, and new quests waiting. Finish the event and you get the EXCLUSIVE German Shepherd for FREE.
  • MUSIC: We heard your feedback about playing your own music while playing Country Escape, and we’ve fixed that! Make sure you turn the sound off in the game and enjoy your own tunes!


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  1. Unable to use chat since new update

  2. Please fix i the frezzing id like to play the event and cant.i cant even get on the game 🙁 lost 4 days

  3. I’m using country escape can’t get passed acitivate power pin for peach’s.

  4. Dear Team,

    I am a big farmville fan since 2012.
    I have few suggestions…….
    In FV (1ST EDITION) things were repost in market for those who failed to buy the same in past.
    Same i would request you to introduce here so that we players who recently started playing FV 2 Country Escape, can purchase past items that we missed………

    Due to some buggs my game was resetted and i lost all my previous dogs and cats that i earned…..
    I now want them to be purchased by keys but i cant see……

    Pls work on it

  5. I am still having problems with Pappys Pond. I get absolutely nothing when I use it. Please fix this. This is about the 5th time I have requested a fix. Not a happy player.

  6. The Quest still available even though summer is over. if please make the dog available without charging keys for it.

  7. This is a very cool update!! I love it!

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