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FarmVille 2: Country Escape Golden Gloves & Power Pins Guide

Golden Gloves:

Speed up your crafting workstations by 10 minutes with Golden Gloves. You will get 4 free ones when you see the below pop up. There is a small icon on the top left of your screen that will show you how many Golden Gloves you have.


You can earn Golden Gloves in the Prize Wheel in your daily spin, and they will be rewards in future events and quests as well.


Power Pins:

We are excited to introduce a new Boost called Power Pins. They are will help you get items on your farm faster. Our intro example will give you the Peachy Pin power pin which when enabled will give you a chance on getting extra peaches when harvesting. You will also receive the Soup Du Jour Power Pin which will give you a chance at getting Farmer’s Soup from harvesting tomato crops. Each Power Pin will have a unique reward, but they do have expiration timers on them. You can check your White Farm House for your Power Pins and when they are going to expire.



Activate your power pins in the White Farm House. They will expire, but you’ll have many opportunities to get more in upcoming rewards from events.





View your Power Pins in the the White Farm House, lightning bolt tab.


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  1. What Dora the All Mine power pin do? Zynga should provide a list of all the pins and what they do.

  2. When does the rainbow power pin come?

  3. Will someone please post a list of each of the pins and what they do? I have had to use sand dollars to activate them just to see what they do. Some I don’t need, so it would be nice to know what they do without having to purchase first. Thx

  4. does anyone know about power pins, Im using a nextbook tablet I get as far as activate your power pins and it does nothing it still says 13 days, the arrow keeps moving up and down but wont let me activate it..

  5. I’m using the nextbook and I get as far as the activate power pins and it wont activate, I cant go back because it says the back button is disabled at this this a bug in the game..

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