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FarmVille 2: Country Escape County Fair Guide

What is the County Fair and how do I participate?

The County Fair is an upgrade to the Winner’s Wagon feature that we have introduced in the game. We have thought of making the Winner’s Wagon more exciting and came up with the County Fair!
How does the County Fair work?
The County Fair works similarly to the Winner’s Wagon, but with a twist. This time, you will not only craft items  to reach your personal goals and earn rewards, but compete with other farmers for the top spot to get better prizes like Power Pins and exclusive Farm Hands that will help you for a week!
Where do I start?
To start, simply tap on the Winner’s Wagon located in front of your Farm Stand.
Next, you will be asked to claim last week’s reward. Tap on “Collect Rewards” and upgrade your wagon.
What are medals?
The County Fair Medal serves as a rank for each player. All players start at the Bronze I level, and willhave to  place on the top 3 spots of their respective leaderboards at the end of the week to go up the ranks.
Reach Diamond level for  the best and most unique reward there is!
Are you trying to catch up on points or simply want to keep your lead? Let these boosts help! These boosts will stay active for 24 hours, giving you the peace of mind of not being left behind.
You can also upgrade your purchased boost up to x10 the points! Taking the lead has never been this easy!
Short on Coins or Keys? No problem! Hit your weekly goal and be rewarded with a double boost which is applicable even to upgraded boosts!
Note:Upgraded boosts will stay active for 24 hours from the first purchase. So make sure to upgrade it as soon as possible to make the best out of what you paid for.

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  1. Can’t claim prize on 2nd place for country fair BronzeIII after updated the game anyone knows the answer, thanks.

  2. Yesterday I had $199.000 coins and it went back to zero…………….
    I’m on level 24 and need the winery to move on.
    Anyone missing coins?

  3. How much longer is the winner wagon going to continue? The only ones enjoying by now are the hackers!

  4. Last week I was in 3rd place, no one below me was even close to catching up to me. The top two had like 350K points. NINE MINUTES LEFT in the competition, I took a screenshot. ONE MINUTE before the game ended, someone hacked into the group, took first place, and bumped us all down. I took another screenshot,I ended up not getting the medal I deserved for third place, the top spot lost out on getting the helper, and the person near the bottom who would have kept her badge, lost her badge.

    I reported this to Zynga, several times, WITH SCREENSHOTS… telling them it was not physicslly possible for someone to get over 600K in 9 mins, and told thrm I want the badge I should have earned. Their response? “You have to place in the top three to earn a badge.” O M G soooooo angry!

    • I hear issue in my coop that someone can edit the member of coop so you can grt a lot of key, speed seed, golden glove, timber event the level. They can increase the member level too.. lol

  5. The county fair is crap. I am in a county fair group will all people in the upper 60+ levels. I only am on level 54. How can I even compete with spending ACTUAL MONEY TO BUY KEYS AND UPGRADE. Very disappointed in this portion of the game. The county fair should be with my food co-op, or my friends I send seed with. That ways it’s actually competitive with people we already interact with

    • Without*

    • Julia Bicknell

      I agree wholeheartedly with your comments and the others posted here. When players accumumlate so many points in such little time they must surely cheat by having some sort of hack. What is Zynga doing about it? What is the point of being crowned the best at cheating?

      • The first 4 here have already 422.000.000 points all have exectly same amount……next one has 42.000.000
        Never can do anything about it…..
        And worst thing …if you make something .you see the confrontation ..under your nose…..wish i could get ESCAPE from it

        • I quit it cause it isn’t worth your butt game last 30 mins and I lost everything and lost coins and had to remAke all over again and lots of stress ,I wrote to zynga and still doesn’t undertake my game,I played for 2 years and level is 154′ sigh ,I’m glad I’m out of it and no stress and no more potato couch to sit on all day to play it,might swell that it isn’t forever to play,haha,gone to relax now! Thanks!

  6. Last night I started a brand new week. I was the first person on the board awaiting the other 9 competitors. After awhile there was four of us and then the board was complete. Ten minutes later i went on the board to check the progress of the other players I saw the person in first place with 15000 points i didnt think much of it. After that when i come back 5 minutes later her points were to 30000.Then in the space of another 5 minutes her points were to 71000. How can someone gain that many points in less than 30 minutes plus her boost wasn’t even maxed out. Obviously all sign point to this person is cheating. Everybody else was still in about 2000 point when she was that amount. That is not remotely possible to that amount of points in that amount of time

  7. All this week I have been playing the wagon event, with 2 other people who all take turns in first place. Today I finally got back in first place, I had to eat dinner, and closed game. When I came back, I was not longer in 1st place and no longer playing with the 2 other players. In fact I was in a NEW a different lineup of players, with the Highest score being 3 BILLION!, so now I’m in 6 th place with my sum of 610,000. I’ve been busting my but all day to make all the high scoring items, then making the long making items at night, and every 24 hrs using coins and keys to get the 10x boost. With only 22 hrs left to play this round, I get put in a new group without any possibility of even getting top three!! I’ve had it! No more Wagon garbage for me. especially when you allow hackers and cheats RULE this game, and make it exasperating for a regular player. SO not kosher!!

  8. When does this tedious event end? I’m so over it. It’s true that there are cheaters that ruin it for others. But even without the cheaters, the only way to stay in the top 3 is to buy boosts with keys. This event feels like being a very small hamster on a very large wheel. :/

  9. Antonio S Level 43 Reencontro coop Over 6 million points (5.5mil earned in 5 hours)
    Bandar M. Level 65 Rose Medows Over 2 million in a matter of hours.
    My D Level 57 (coop name unavailable) Over 3 millions points (2.5 mil earned in 5 hours)

    These people clearly are not playing legally. And due to these factors I have lost all interest in playing this game and spending anymore of my money with Zynga. I’m sure you don’t care as I’m a small fish in your large sea of cheaters.

  10. This is a very long and tedious event and is becoming boring. Many of the other members are cheating which ruins the fun in playing. There is no way anyone could gain a million points in 2 hours. The only way to get into the top 3 is to spend money and buy boosts and not everyone can do that. It just takes the fun out.
    I and several of my coop members have decided that we may just sit this one out and wait for the next event where everyone plays evenly.

    • I agree with Teresa. The hackers are spoiling this event. I strongly believe that Zynga has a responsibility to remove these people from this game. I regularly buy keys to enhance my chances with boosts and work hard to cook etc items for event only to see someone with minimal ovens and crafting machines shoot millions of points ahead in just a few hours. DO SOMETHING ABOUT REMOVING HACKERS NOW please Zynga

    • I agree with this. In fact I was searching for where to ask about this. The County Fair even just ended and a new one started and within a matter of 30 minutes someone had over 300,000 points. How is that possible and is this issue being addressed

      I also spend a fair amount of money on keys to better my OVERALL chances and not with just the County Fair. I play hard and work hard to grow crops and play all areas. How irritating to start the fair and have someone come in and get that many points within minutes.

    • Well Zynga you aren’t doing a very good job monitoring this. I am in another wagon worse than the last. I managed to work my butt off and rise from 8th to 4th to be demoted to 5th by a person below me with lower level and less machines. Tell me how they can rise from 300,000 to over 3 million in 5 hours and be in 1st place. This is impossible. The top 4 in my coop are 2,000,000 and over and I am 364,000 in 5th place. All boosting at 10x. Something just isn’t right here. If these people insist on cheating they need to be in a wagon together to fight it out. I have other members in my coop that experience the same issues.

  11. I mistakenly changed Co-ops in the middle of the week and lost my rewards and now my County Fair is stuck. How can I reset it to start from where I am?

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