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FarmVille 2 Country Escape Cheats, Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Farm

Sell Goods for Fast Money

The Farm Orders Board is the place where you will make your coins by selling the products that you have produced on your farm and stored in your barn. New orders will appear as soon as you complete a previous order and the game plays it really smart and if you have a ton of items, will start asking for more (therefore emptying your limited inventory and rewarding you with more coins). If there are no offers that you like on the board, you can simply tap the red x button and new ones will appear. Here are some extra tips regarding selling on the Farm Orders Board:

– only sell basic items (wheat, corn, milk, apples etc) if you have a ton of them. First, because you only get very few coins on then and second because you will need a lot of these to produce all of the more complicated goods

– only sell after you start producing. This way, you avoid selling things you need to create others.

– sell top products quickly. Basically, the idea is to create the more complex things and sell them as soon as you have them, unless you are required to stack them up for quests. The more advanced the product, the more coins you get for it and the faster you will grow your farm.

Focus on completing the quests

The quest system in FarmVille 2 Country Escape flows pretty naturally and you should do your best to follow these missions and complete them one by one before proceeding. Don’t rush to do too many things on your own, you might end up getting stuck with fewer options available because you haven’t completed the quests. That’s the way to go!

Buy everything you can

There might be a mission that requires you to place only one cow or just a patch of corn. Don’t do it – place them all as soon as you have the money. The more items you have producing goods for your farm, the faster and easier you will grow. You can never have too many things, especially with the orders board there that helps you get rid of unneeded stuff.

The time lapse cheat

Just like in many games out there, FarmVille 2 Country Escape for iPhone and iPad can be easily cheated with the time lapse cheat (at least for now). This means that if you change the time on your device to a future date, you can reap all the benefits and collect the rewards, then change your time back to the actual time and you won’t lose anything. You can do this again and again. Use this with caution as Zynga might start banning or taking measures against players who cheat.

Take advantage of the Farm Stand

The Farm Stand can, at some points, be a better option for selling your goods at better prices than the offers board. Try to produce goods that are very rare and sell them there for higher prices than the offers board. You will surely find people to buy them if you’re not extremely greedy. Also, you can check out the stand for hot sales – it’s not uncommon to find some really great deals and be able to purchase very cheap items there. So always keep an eye on it!

Exploit the Grandma’s Glade!

Hopefully Zynga won’t change this, but you’d be sorry if they did and you didn’t take advantage: you can forage Grandma’s Glade every 15 minutes and this way you will get a ton of free rare items and goodies. Try to always do this!

Upgrade your storage

As soon as you can, upgrade the Barn. You will never have enough space in your barn and there will never be such a thing as a too big barn. So make sure you forage the Glade, get the nails and keep upgrading!

Add friends

Ideally, you will have 3 friends added in FarmVille 2 Country Escape to get some bonuses: with three friends, for starters, you will get a free spin at the wheel. Also, you can visit them and exchange gifts and hope for having them over fertilizing your stuff for even more goodies. Just like with Storage and everything else in the game, you can’t have too many friends in Farmville!

Join a Co-op

As soon as you unlock this feature, make sure to join a co-op (a kind of a FarmVille 2 Country Escape clan) where you can chat with other players and get help from fellow co-op members. An extremely useful and insanely fun feature!

Right now, this would be everything that we have to share with you in terms of FarmVille 2: Country escape tips and cheats. If you have other strategies or tricks to share, let us know by commenting in the section below.

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  3. I play on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) and I enjoy the option of no longer being tied to Facebook unless you choose to link your account. I registered via my Google Plus account instead of FB. I’ve joined a co-op, and noticed multiple listings of the same players names on the same community sales boards, etc. but with various different co-op logos next to their names. Is it possible to join multiple co-ops simultaneously? Also, without linking my account to FB, is there a way I can become in-game “Friends” with other players, perhaps through the co-op, in order to exchange daily gifts and help each other in the game?

  4. Shirley Childress

    I can’t unlock meriweather mine, nor can I unlock the silo/ level 19

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    can you give me in detail how to add friends to fv2countryescape and how can I delete people that show up on game that never plays. Were do I go on facebook to see who plays FV2CountryEscape?

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