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Tap the well (or other source of water, later in the game) to get water. You can hold up to 20 units of water at once. The current water count isn’t displayed anywhere I can see on my Android phone, though.

Pro Tip
Tapping once on the well gives you 4 units of water. This animation takes a few seconds, and you can do other things while it is completing. So you can tap the well, and then start watering your crops, and then tap it again for more water.

Farmville 2 Country Escape Guide: Farming

  • Water can be used on trees and crop fields to grow fruit and crops. Slide the water droplet to the tree or field to start growing. Growing crops and fruit takes real time.
  • Crops and fruit can be used to feed animals. Animals will produce stuff like eggs and milk. Again, this takes an amount of real time to complete.
  • Crops, fruit, and animal goods can be used to make other goods like flour or biscuits, for example. Making these goods requires that you have the correct building, the recipe, and it also requires some time.

Pro Tip
Many fast-growing crops like Wheat and Apples grow so fast that it will quickly fill your barn! What I do is let them grow completely until they’re ready to be harvested, but then I wait to harvest them until I actually need them. For instance, I might not harvest Wheat until I’m ready to feed my Cow or make Flour. This way, the Wheat isn’t taking up space in my barn until right when I need it.

The more complex the steps to produce a good, the more money it is worth. You can use the Farm Requests board to sell your stuff for Coins and Experience.

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