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Farm Order Board Bonus

Want to Earn More Prizes? We have introduced a new feature in the game where you can earn amazing prizes.

This feature is permanent and available to players  Level 16 and up. Not just that! There are more than just one level to play. The higher the level, the more awesome are the prizes.

This is now your chance to grab this great opportunity!

To earn these prizes:

1. Tap the “Farm Orders” board

2. Fill the “Sales Bonus” bar by completing Marie’s order

(High XP orders will fill the bar faster)3. Once the Bonus Meter has been filled, tap a crate to claim your Prize

If you want to know what are the prizes that are waiting for you, just tap the Sales Bonus Meter and a preview will appear to let you know of the prizes that are up for grabs.

***Note: The faster you fill the bar, the higher the Bonus Level that you’ll reach. Awesome prizes will await on these higher levels! The highest level you will reach is Level 20. Please know that you must fill the bar within 48 hours or the bar will reset.

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  1. Mine is stuck at lvl 6 really stupid anyone know how to fix it

  2. For some reason, my farm orders sales bonus is stuck on level 6 (has been for about a week). And it says that I need to fill the bar “-39” more times to reach level 7. As in, negative 39 times? So I should already have leveled up 39 fills ago? I’m really confused and just want to get better bonuses!

  3. Hi Candice. Took a bit of hunting but eventually discovered that you can use combo of timber and coins to upgrade workshops you own without ghe need for keys. Check out for more info.

  4. My farm order level is on 21, and prize is only Timber. What’s the use of timber in the game? Thanks!

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