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Farm Hands and Foraging

Once you level up enough to unlock Grandma’s Glade, you’ll also get your first Farm Hand. Farm Hands can be sent to forage in Grandma’s Glade (and several other locations) to get special goods that can’t be found elsewhere.

Farmville 2 Country Escape Guide Farm Hands

Pro Tip
Looking to upgrade your Barn? The parts you need for Barn upgrades can be found via foraging!

Foraging takes a while, and it also costs you some goods. In the case of Grandma’s Glade, you’ll need to have some biscuits on hand to start foraging.

You can assign more than one Farm Hand to forage, which will increase the rewards.

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  1. Thought this article would list the farmhands you could get and what their special is and where you can get them. Like the blonde will give you strawberries at granny’s

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