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At the game of FarmVille 2 there are a lot of places you can expand your farm to. Most of them have requirements which you need to meet in order to open up this specific place. You can only unlock patches of ground if your current unlocked ground is directly adjacent with a full patch to this new area. The B1 to B4 areas require you to go over level 35 to be able to see the requirements. In addition, the new coin expansions, (A1 to A4), should become visible to players who have reached level 34 and higher. The new River Patch expansions, (F1 to F4) become available to players who reach level 15 or higher and unlocks new water crops.

Especially at the furthest away patches from your farm’s entry cost several million of coins per patch. Many patches require you to ask specific items from Neighbors. This can be done before the other requirements are met and as soon as you have unlocked land adjecent to such a patch of land.


1 A1 – Level 72
The Bird’s Nest
B1 – Level 77
The Storage Shack
C1 – Level 82
Maple Brook
D1 – Level 87
Clearing in the Woods
E1 – Level 93
The Old Furnace
F1 – ????
2 A2 – Level 60
The Old Watering Hole
B2 – Level 34
Playground Path
C2 – Level 38
East Woodlands
D2 – Level 43
The Horse Wilds
E2 – Level 48
The Waterpatch
F2 – ????
3 A3 – Level 59
The Old Treehouse
B3 – Level 11
Milk Meadow
C3 – Level 15
The Old Silo
D3 – Level 20
Mango Gardens
E3 – Level 24
Golden Chicken Colony
F3 – ????
4 A4 – Level56
The Date Orchard
B4 – Level 5
West Meadow
C4 – Level 2
The Family Well
D4 – Level 1
Feed Mill
E4 – Level 28
Apricot Acres
F4 – Level 15+
Buffalo Brook
5 A5 – Level 54
The Hog Wilds
B5 – Level 2
The Farmstead Kitchen
Starter plot
Starter plot
E5 – Level 15
Camarillo Country
F5 – Level 15+
The Dock


Expansion Name Unlocks Price
D4 Feed Mill Feed Mill Costs 2 Coins
C4 The Family Well Unlocks wells for more water Sell 8 Eggs
Harvest 16 Wheats
Costs 1,999 Coins
B5 The Farmstead Kitchen Unlocks the Crafting Kitchen to cook up recipes Have 5 Trees
Sell 4 Milks Bottles
Costs 2,000 Coins
B4 The West Meadow Unlocks Cottontail Rabbits Craft 2 Apple Scones
Ask friends for 5 Garden Clippers
Costs 20,099 Coins
B3 The Milk Meadow Unlocks Longhorn Cows and an extra Water Trough Craft 9 Peach Lemonade
Ask friends for 7 Silver Hoes
Costs 50,000 Coins
C3 The Old Silo Unlocks a Silo to hold more feed Sell 3 Apple Pies
Ask friends for 10 Pitchforks
Costs 125,000 Coins
D3 Mango Gardens Unlocks Mango Trees and Ivy Trellis Arches Have 1 Adult Brown Swiss Cow
Ask friends for 8 Chainsaws
Costs 300,000 Coins
E3 Golden Chicken Colony Unlocks Cochin Chickens and Concretin Bird Baths Craft 5 Banana Cream Pies
Ask friends for 15 Produce Crates
Costs 500,000 Coins
E4 Apricot Acres Unlocks Apricot Trees and Dinner Bells Sell 10 Horseshoes
Ask friends for 11 Garden Gloves
Costs 750,000 Coins
E5 Camarillo County Unlocks Camarillo Horses and Hitching Posts Craft 10 Apricot Trifles
Ask friends for 20 Garden Clippers
Costs 1,000,000 Coins
B2 Playground Path Unlocks Tire Swings Craft 20 Cherry Cobblers
Gather 20 Permits to Expand from your friends.
Costs 2,000,000 Coins
C2 East Woodlands Get a Pine Tree for Logs! Craft 30 Squash Soup
Get 20 Blue Toolboxes from your friends.
Costs 3,000,000 Coins
D2 The Horse Wilds Unlocks Appaloosa Horses and Flags Craft 12 Loaves of Barley Bread
Get 20 Scythes from your friends.
Costs 4,000,000 Coins
E2 The Waterpatch Unlocks an extra well for more water Craft 15 Asparagus Quiche
Get 20 Expansion Plans from your friends.
Costs 4,000,000 Coins
B1 The Storage Shack Unlocks an extra 25 feed silo and a wood shed! Craft 8 Macaroni and Cheese
Get 8 Storage Locks from your friends.
Costs 7000000 Coins
C1 Maple Meadow Unlocks a maple tree and a stone garden fountain! Craft 30 Lavender-Ginger Cookies
Get 6 Maple Buckets from your friends.
Costs 8000000 Coins
D1 Clearing in the Woods Unlock to get a farmhouse! Craft 30 Walnut Date Bread
Get 6 Splitting Axes from your friends.
Costs 8000000 Coins.
E1 The Old Furnace Unlocks an extra furnace for more power, chopping block, and rocking chair! Craft 11 Raspberry Cheesecake
Get 6 Flint Stones from your friends.
Costs 9000000 Coins.
A5 The Hog Wilds Unlock to get a Hampshire Pig! Craft 15 Walnut Pinwheels.
Get 20 Expansion Maps from your friends.
Costs 5000000 Coins.
A4 The Date Orchard Unlocks to get a Date Tree and See-Saw! Craft 20 Raspberry Jelly Donuts.
Get 20 Spotlights from your friends.
Costs 5000000 Coins.
A3 The Old Treehouse Unlock to get your oldTreehouse back! Craft 25 Walnut Stuffed Dates.
Get 20 Cameras from your friends.
Costs 6000000 Coins.
A2 The Old Watering Hole Unlocks another Water Troughfor more animal population! Craft 25 Quinoa Breakfast Muffins.
Get 20 Celebration Ribbons from your friends.
Costs 500000 Coins.
A1 The Bird’s Nest Unlock to get a bird’s nest and a baby wild turkey! Craft 25 Egg Rolls
Get 6 Rustic Binoculars from your friends.
Costs 7000000 Coins
F5 The Dock Unlock to reach the Appaloosa River! Reach Level 15.
F4 Buffalo Brook Unlock for a Black Water Buffalo! Craft 8 Cheddar Loaves.
Get 18 Boater Hats from your friends.
Costs 750000 Coins.
F3 The Riverside Coming soon… Get ready for the River!
F2 The Far Shore Coming soon… Get ready for the River!
F1 The Farther Shore Coming soon… Get ready for the River!

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