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Eagle Eye Eddie Guide

We’ve been enjoying our experience playing Farmville 2 Country Escape and one of the things that we await the most on the game is unlocking new places, wondering what it has to offer and how it will make the game more fun to play. We imagine it’s the same for most of you and so we decided to provide a guide to these places and how to unlock them and what they contain or what they offer for the game. Let’s check out Eagle Eye Eddie.


You can unlock Eagle Eye Eddie on level 16. He’s the guy on the plane hangar beside the gas station. When you have unlocked him, you will be able to see his plane by then.


Eagle Eye Eddie seems to be a delivery guy who needs some items from you before he takes off to somewhere which is not specified on the game actually. So what you basically need to do is to provide the items that Eddie needs before he flies and in exchange, he will give you 1 stamp which you can use to exchange for rare items on the game and he will also give you experience points.



Once you have provided all the items that he needs, you will really see his plane move and take off to fly on to his next destination. Pretty neat. He will be be back after 4 hours. You can call him back immediately but you need to pay 8 keys for that. Also, you will be able to see the items that he wants to buy when he gets back you will be able to prepare it if you wish.

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