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Dote on a Mini Goat!

This Baby Mini Goat has been feeding on anything it can reach. It’s quite curious and playful. Let’s calm her down before she chews on everyone’s crops. If she takes a liking to you, she’s yours for keeps.

If you are level 15 and up, the “Dote on a Mini Goat!” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Raised Goat Pen” button to begin this feature.

The menu will show up after placing the Raised Goat Pen:

Dote on a Mini Goat - FarmVille 2

Start building the Raised Goat Pen by gathering all the materials needed:

Dote on a Mini Goat - FarmVille 2

Then, ask your Friends or hire them to be your builders:

Dote on a Mini Goat - FarmVille 2

This is how your Raised Goat Pen would look like once it’s finished:

Dote on a Mini Goat - FarmVille 2

Open the menu by clicking the Raised Goat Pen and complete the other 2 tasks. Once all three tasks are completed, you will get this cute Baby Mini Goat as your reward!

Dote on a Mini Goat - FarmVille 2

Let’s adopt and raise this playful Baby Mini Goat and keep her happy on your Farm!

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