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Coins and Experience

The overall goal of Farmville 2: Country Escape is to earn Coins and Experience through farming and crafting goods.

Farmville 2 Country Escape Guide: Experience

Coins are generally used to purchase new lands, animals, and buildings. The more of these you’ve purchased, the more you can produce at any given time, and the more advanced stuff you can craft.

Earning enough Experience will increase your level. The higher your level, the more lands, buildings, and other goodies you can unlock.

Thus, coins and experience kind of feed on each other. You need experience in order to gain levels so you can spend your coins, and you need coins to buy the stuff that earns you experience.

The primary way to earn both Coins and Experience is the “Farm Orders” notice board. Here, you can sell the things you’ve harvested and crafted for coins and experience points. We’ll cover the Farm Orders board later, but keep it in mind for the time being.

You can also earn Experience from completing quests Farmer’s Almanac. Later, you’ll be able to earn a lot of Coins by selling your crops and other goods to other players in the market. However, the market isn’t unlocked until you earn a few levels first.

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