Thursday , 24 July 2014

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Pineywoods Cow


The Prized Pineywoods Cow is unlocked at level 16 and costs 1 gold stamp 1 silver stamp and 2 bronze stamps. There are four slots for farmhands to work and sending them to work costs 3 cow feed. The rewards given vary by star the cow can go up to 3 stars. Pineywoods Cow Information Unlocked at level: 16 Purchase ... Read More »



Wyandotte Information Unlocked at level: No Data Purchase Costs: Unknown amount of Bronze tickets Unknown amount of Silver tickets Unknown amount of Gold tickets Needs 3 Prized Chicken feed Time till completion: 30 minutes No star Rewards: 50xp per helper 3 eggs side product 10 Mastery points per helper Yellow Ribbon 1 star Rewards: Unknown amount of experience eggs side product ... Read More »

Real world recipes from Farmville!


In celebration of FarmVille’s 5th Birthday and the Summer of FarmVille, we’re excited to share real world recipes that are now available in FarmVille 2: Country Escape. You can now bring FarmVille to the dinner table with recipes from Zynga’s Executive Chef! All recipes are made with locally sourced, sustainably produced, organic ingredients. Check back throughout the week, as we ... Read More »