Saturday , 21 January 2017
FarmVille 2

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The Goat Getter!


Our playful Mini Goats are raring to go! They’re active and fast so the Mini Goat Derby will surely be exciting. You can host these races and get a baby Thuringian Forest Donkey as a reward. If you are level 15, “The Goat Getter!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Starting Gate!” button to start this feature. There are ...

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Harvesting the Fuel Pump – Guide


We’ve updated how the fuel meter works in FarmVille 2 – if you find that you’re not able to harvest your fuel pump because the game asks you to ‘Use some first’, this means that you are at maximum fuel capacity. To check how much fuel you have, you can open your Crop Dryer, and hover your mouse on the ...

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FarmVille 2 Country Escape

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FarmVille 2: Country Escape County Fair Guide


What is the County Fair and how do I participate? The County Fair is an upgrade to the Winner’s Wagon feature that we have introduced in the game. We have thought of making the Winner’s Wagon more exciting and came up with the County Fair! How does the County Fair work? The County Fair works similarly to the Winner’s Wagon, but ...

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Stamps may be earned by filling orders for Eagle Eye Eddie. He randomly awards bronze, silver, or gold stamps once you complete his order. You can also exchange ribbons from prized animals at the Prize Tent for stamps. A gold stamp requires 10 yellow ribbons, 14 red ribbons and 5 blue ribbons. A silver stamp required 15 yellow ribbons, 7 ...

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Shovels are an item sometimes found by foraging on your farm or manufactured at yourToolshed. The toolshed makes a shovel in 8 hours for 10 coins or you can construct it instantly for 10 keys. They are used to upgrade the Barn, Silo, and the Back Porch Storage area. They cannot be sold and they occupy space in your Barn. One shovel has a ...

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