Thursday , 26 November 2015
FarmVille 2

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Pumpkin Stand Guide!


We are in charge of the food booth for the Fall Festival and nothing screams fall like pumpkins. Let’s make the most of it with a Pumpkin Stand and get awesome rewards! If you are level 15 or higher, you will see the “Fresh and Juicy” pop-up. Click on the “Build Pumpkin Stand!” button and it will be automatically placed ...

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Soft-furred Chinchilla


Are you looking for a larger and more robust new pet than the ground squirrels? Adopt this soft-furred Chinchilla into your farm!

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Tender Loving Chinchilla!


A baby Chinchilla needs a new home. Here’s how you can adopt this soft-furred and cuddly pet. If you are level 15 and up, the “Tender Loving Chinchilla!” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Chinchilla Playhouse” button to begin this feature. After placing the playhouse, the menu will appear: To start building the playhouse, you must first gather materials: ...

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FarmVille 2 Country Escape

Recent Posts for FarmVille 2 CE

FarmVille 2: Country Escape Halloween Pageant Guide


Howdy Farmers! Let us welcome Halloween together! Start the Halloween Pumpkin Pageant and compete with friends around the world for awesome prizes, such as the exclusive Czech Wolfdog! If you are at least level 9, you will see a pop-up inviting you to the Halloween Pumpkin Pageant Event! You might have to force close the game to see the update, ...

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A new Event has started!


A new Event has started! Win the exclusive Rescue Tabby Cat Farm Hand, that will stay with you 30 days, in the ASPCA Adoption Fair! Continue crafting items like Pet Toy baskets and earn Puppy Points to contribute to the community Charity Progress Bar and donate to the ASPCA.

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FarmVille 2: Country Escape Country Music Festival Guide


If you are at least level 13, you will see a pop-up inviting you to the Country Music Event! You will need to force close the game to see the update, which means to clear it from your mobile device’s memory. You may even need to reboot your device. You will have until 9/27/2015 to complete the Country Music Festival quests, and ...

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