Tuesday , 29 July 2014

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Cove Kettle


You must reach level 30. Item (Recipe) Level Ingredients Needed Time Needed Clam Chowder 30 2x Clam, 10x Corn, 4x Potato 10 minutes Salmon Bisque 31 1x Salmon, 6x Potato, 1x Chardonnay 30 minutes Cajun Crab 32 4x Crab, 5x Mixed Peppers, 1x Pinot Noir 9 minutes Shrimp Gumbo 33 3x Shrimp, 7x Mixed Peppers, 1x Tomato Juice Read More »

Prized Cow Feed


Prized Cow Feed is made at the Windmill from 3x Wheat, 2x Apple and 3x Carrot. It takes 5 minutes to produce one unit. Prices Min Base Max 120 140 180 Uses Prized Cow Feed is used to feed: Prized Pineywoods Cow Read More »

Pineywoods Cow


The Prized Pineywoods Cow is unlocked at level 16 and costs 1 gold stamp 1 silver stamp and 2 bronze stamps. There are four slots for farmhands to work and sending them to work costs 3 cow feed. The rewards given vary by star the cow can go up to 3 stars. Pineywoods Cow Information Unlocked at level: 16 Purchase ... Read More »